{"id":18918,"address":{"region":[{"id":19,"title":"Тернопольская обл."}],"area":[{"id":372,"title":"Тернопольский р-н"}],"city":[],"town":[{"id":22452,"area":372,"title":"Белая"}],"district":[],"subordinate":[],"adminDistrict":[],"street":[]},"about":{"marketSegment":[],"operation":[],"advancedServices":[],"experience":0,"aboutMe":"Let me give you a brief introduction about myself.I am Barrister Albert Chebe from the Republic of Ghana also from West Africa.I am a Christians married with children,you will know more about me as we proceed so that you can know me better.I run a law firm here in Republic of Togo.This country is one of the French speaking West African countries which shares borders with my home country Ghana,Burkina Faso and Benin Republic,all these mentioned countries are among the many countries that made up West Africa, you can find this country in the world map.This transaction is all about my deceased client who died last in 2006 in an auto crash with all the members of his family including his wife and their two children.\n+22893327941","education":""},"agency":"","avatar":"","firstName":"Albery","lastName":"Chebe","gender":"male","phones":{"all":[],"main":"","service":""},"regDate":"2019-02-04T10:57:09.918Z","type":"realtor","hidden":false,"counters":{"ads":0,"partners":0},"online":false,"isPartner":"no"}